OpenInnovation is Copenhagen’s flagship student innovation challenge, bringing together over 120 students, researchers, and sustainable innovation enthusiasts with key actors in Danish ecosystems and innovation experts. 

Comprising four essential components, the event takes its participants on an exciting and engaging journey, beginning with a meet and greet, followed by an innovation sprint, culminating in the finals, and concluding with a joyous come-together celebration.

OpenInnovation Circularity represents a collaborative effort between the Danish Technical University, University of Copenhagen, and Copenhagen Business School, and is driven by a dynamic partnership between DTU Skylab, Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship, and KU Actory.  

Become a Challenge Partner

Design your own challenge, be inspired by innovative ideas, gain access to a unique recruitment platform and secure strategic branding for your business! 

Participate as a Student

Join us for an action-packed journey towards innovation, circularity and sustainable change! You can learn how to work with innovation tools and processes while networking with other students and industry partners. 

OpenInnovation in 2023

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OpenInnovation Circularity is brought forward through a strong partnership
between three leading Danish universities: