Participate as a Student


Challenge timeline:
  • Kick-off (Friday): Welcome to the enchanting historical university library. Meet your team and the industry partners, get familiar with the challenge in front of you and prepare for an innovation adventure.
  • Innovation Sprint (Saturday & Sunday): Arrive at DTU Skylab, the pulsating hub of innovation and entrepreneurship at DTU, and deep dive into the innovation process with support from experts, mentors and circular design tools. 
  • Finals & Celebration (week after): Pitch your concepts and solutions in front of your peers and jury and compete for exciting team prizes. After that leave all stage jitters behind and enjoy an evening of bubbles, celebration and fun.


Why is it a good idea to join?
  • Learn how to work with innovation tools and processes.
  • Dive into the topics of sustainability and circular economy.
  • Tackle real societal challenges brought in by industry leaders. 
  • Network with like-minded peers from different universities, industry experts and mentors.
  • Compete for valuable prices and an opportunity to start your own business. 


Participation as a student is free. Eligibility:
  • All students enrolled in Danish higher education (Bachelors, Masters, PhDs).
  • All Danish higher education alumni with less than a year since their graduation date.
  • No prior experience within the challenge industry or innovation methods required. Only passion and motivation!  

See what former participants have said about OpenInnovation:

OpenInnovation opened our eyes to the pain points that future customers could have and that helped us fit our idea to the market. It’s super motivating when a big company says that they have a challenge they would like students to help with. That was a huge driver because you don’t get an opportunity that easily where decision makers in a company come to you and listen to your idea.

Mohammad Filfil, Founder & CTO at Paragit Neurotech ApS, member of the Paragit Solutions team in 2018

I felt very inspired by various talks on circularity and sustainability, as well as seeing the optimism, energy, and enthusiasm of other participants and competition facilitators… participating in this challenge showed me that, through some effort, even laymen can dive into an issue and come up with some brilliant, out-of-the-box ideas, making an everlasting impact.

Marcin Zelent, member of the Infusave team and winner of Audience Favorite award in 2023

“We have many years of experience in running clinical studies, but we’re still surprised when students come up with new technologies…”

Ingrid Sofie Harboe, VP of Biometrics at Lundbeck Aps

Applications for the next OpenInnovation challenge will open in Spring 2024.

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